MMA Betting Strategies

MMA betting is an exciting new way to wager on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events. It has exploded in popularity worldwide and continues to grow as a sports betting option. Unlike traditional sports, MMA has several fights on each card that are worth betting on, instead of just one big bout. There are also many vital strategies that can increase your odds of winning MMA bets.

Odds & Public Perception

Unlike sports like football, baseball and basketball, MMA betting odds are set by the bookmaker. These odds are based on how much money is being bet on each side of the betting line. They are also adjusted based on how the public perceives the game. If the public thinks a fighter is underdog, the oddsmakers may change the lines to favor him.

In MMA, odds are expressed in an American format, which means they will show +200 for the favorite and -200 for the underdog. These are known as ‘American odds’ and are the most commonly used odds expressions in the United States for MMA and other American sports.

Striking Stats & Odds

The striking ability of a fighter is an important factor in MMA betting. Statistically, fighters with better striking skills win 60% of the time. This is because they have a higher chance of knocking their opponent out in the ring or Octagon. This is why it is important to study the striking statistics of each fighter before placing a bet.

Rounds Bets and Parlays

MMA round bets are available at most sportsbooks. These bets are placed in between rounds of a fight and can be a great way to hedge your losses while watching the action unfold.

You can place an MMA round bet on any fighter, or you can place bets on specific rounds. These bets are also a great way to handicap the action.

Replacement Bets & Props

There are occasionally replacement fighters who step into a fight after a fighter withdraws or retires. These fighters may have a good record, but their chances of success in UFC bouts are lower than that of the original fighter. Nevertheless, they can be a good option for those who prefer to wager on favorites.

Total Rounds

The number of rounds that a fight lasts is another important factor in MMA betting. There are a variety of rounds that a match can go through, and the oddsmakers determine how many rounds are needed to decide a winner. In addition, the fight can end in a decision or technical draw.

Over/Under 3.5 Rounds

The over/under bets are a common option in MMA. These bets are based on how long the match will last before a winner is declared. Typically, the fight will last longer if two defensive fighters are in it, and shorter if it is an aggressive fight.

Betting on the method of victory

A lot of MMA betting fans enjoy placing bets on how a bout will end. There are three main ways that a bout can end: a knockout, a judges’ points/decision and a submission. This type of bet is usually more entertaining than the standard’moneyline’ bet, but it does come with a higher risk and payoff.