The Top 15! Meet the 2014 Bader Startup Cup Semi-Finalists


Following its call for startup applications, which closed on May 15, over 100 submissions were received by Bader for its Startup Cup 2014 competition.
As per the rules of Startup Cup, each application was graded by at least 2 independent judges, chosen among top local startup and ecosystem experts.
This year, due to the large amount of good quality startups, there will be 15 semi-finalists instead of 12. In the next few days, each one will be assigned a dedicated coach to follow up with them, working in parallel with Bader’s team, and helping to set a tailored strategy and consistent milestones.
As they proceed through this first Coaching Phase of Startup Cup, the entrepreneurs will be continuously assessed on progress and performance, leading to another elimination round and to the selection of 7 finalists among them in a couple months time.
Finalist startups will be required to pitch in front of a high-profile jury, resulting in 3 winning startups selected, with over 100,000,000 LBP of cash and in kind prizes awaiting them. Similar to the first edition of the Cup, the results will be announced during Networking 961 , Lebanon’s largest ecosystem networking event and the opening event of Global Entrepreneurship Week Lebanon 2014.


Here are the 15 semi-finalists (in alphabetical order):



29 Letters
29Letters aims to raise the standard of the contemporary Arabic typography design community. Beside its design practice in introducing modern Arabic typography and multilingual Arabic/Latin fonts to answer the need of the Arab design and communication market, 29LT is involved with educating and rising awareness about Arabic typography through writings, teaching in design school, participating in design conferences etc. 29LT continuously conducts research and educational projects in the field of Arabic design and typography.


Aimpeeps is a mobile application that helps people share their short-term and long-term aims with the people around them based on their geographical location. Be it at a global event or at a local coffee-shop, Aimpeeps acts as the ice breaker that allows you to network with the people around you who can potentially help you achieve your aim but with whom you would have never had the chance to connect.


ALLEPH is an online platform that uses social media integration and game-elements to engage users in collective-story telling. The platform offers users access to ‘stories’ across themes and genres. Stories can examine traditions, draw analogies to explore social pressures, debate effective leadership or creatively cope with everyday concerns. Every story begins with a short “starter” or prompt. Users can then join in the ongoing story by making a submission themselves, or by reading and voting on submissions made by other users. Submissions that gather highest votes start piecing together to take on the form of the full story. Stories are titled and illustrated in the same way, gradually building a wealth of original Arabic content, made accessible as interactive books and access to an e-library.


Anchor Newsreader
Anchor app is your personal anchor reading you the news from popular sources across categories like Politics, Business, Sports, and Technology, wherever you are – the gym, on the bus, or in your car. Don’t listen to re-runs on TV and radio; create your own news station. Today, more & more people get their news from their smartphones. But current solutions are not geared to the mobile lifestyle; Anchor fills this gap. It’s a news aggregator app with an embedded Text-to-Speech engine. For convenience, you can add articles to your playlist and listen to them on-the-go. No streaming is involved, so it even works on planes or the metro when no connection is available.
An e-commerce full solution where social enterprises can have online stores to sell their products online; it is a business opportunity to tap into the unmet demand by the Lebanese expatriates for Lebanese made products that improve a local community and to sell wholesale to the big retail outlets in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Beepl is a CRM focused on contact management that is powerful enough for businesses to use it for tasks as complex as sales pipelines ( B2B ); easy and intuitive enough to be the default contact app for all consumers ( B2C ). The mission at Beepl is to help you manage the past, present and future relationship with each of your contacts. For each one, Beepl reveals all relevant static information; all previous interaction with this contact (messages, notes, meetings, phone calls etc..); and helps you stay in touch.


BlackBox by PurpleGlo
BlackBox is an Instagram, and recently Twitter, photo booth that automatically prints photos uploaded with a certain brand or event hashtag. It acts as an incentive for attendees to upload event photos to social media channels and to use a certain specified hashtag. It is a social advertising mechanism that is more effective than regular advertising since it is being promoted by attendees and people rather than by the brand itself. BlackBox is filling the need to be featured and to trend naturally on social media through a very effective medium of emphasized photos.


Energy 24
Energy24 introduced a new technology in Lebanon: “ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY or “ESS” allowing the storage of large amounts of electric energy into a new type of battery to power residential, commercial or industrial loads during long power outages. By storing the electricity produced by EDL instead of burning diesel, it is possible to achieve up to 75% savings while avoiding the pollution and the unstable power supply of generators. Energy24 also offers a number of peripheral products to include solar photovoltaic systems, wind energy systems and other energy saving solutions allowing the customer to minimize his energy bill.


Hipernation provides an end to end livestreaming service for any event. For the event planner, it is as simple as sending a request to their team. The hiperteam will handle all technicalities including internet connections and audio/video feeds with no additional requirements from the event planner’s side. A mobile application covering all device platforms is also available for download, free of charge. The mobile app allows the audience to receive push notifications of the events and entitles them to watch the event live from their favorite devices.


Ki is a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. Our USB device will securely log you into all of your accounts. With Ki you no longer have to remember your usernames and passwords, Ki will do it for you. Ki will allow for the application of a better solution to meet the continuously growing requirements of the existing market. By creating this product and its technology, and making it an “out of the box” readily available to use by all, we are paving the way for a convenient, comforting, fast, efficient and secure automated user identification and login experience. Forget your passwords; Ki will remember them for you!


Kitchen Confidential
Inspired by the latest research and discoveries in the nutrition field, Kitchen Confidential is a Gourmet catering company that is transforming “Fast Food”, pastries and desserts into their healthy but tasty version. The end products are made with the finest organic and natural ingredients, and free of : Gluten, Refined sugar, GMOs, Trans-fat , Aspartame, Additives, Preservatives, Antibiotics, Taste enhancers (MSG, etc…), Soy and Oat. The products can be customizable to meet the needs of clients with intolerances to specific ingredients: dairy products, eggs, egg white, nuts, beef, etc.


Mood Tracker
Mood Tracker is a mobile and web application aimed at extracting mood-related data from users. A typical user experience starts with a user sign in, followed by a question: How are you feeling today? As soon as the user answers the question, he/she is directed to a new page that provides the user with statistics pertaining to that specific question. Location data is extracted from the browser or application, and the user is given access to a Google maps page containing the mood data from every user who has logged into the application today. The app is divided into 3 modes: Public, professional, and researcher. The professional mode allows psychologists and psychiatrists and executives to track mood-related private input from the patient, and the researcher mode allows a marketing or academic researcher to obtain information about users that interest their area of study.


Planitous is a better and faster alternative to TripAdvisor and the go-to product for trip planning. Planitous is a mobile app that lets users choose a destination, get personally recommended sites and get automatically generated schedules over the duration of their trip. Given that Planitous will know the users’ whereabouts, it’ll also be a great tool for hotels, restaurants and businesses to advertise and target users demographically and geographically. Planitous is mobile: it’ll be used before, during and after the trip for planning, viewing, and sharing it with family, friends and the world respectively.


Shop Builder
ShopBuilder is an online platform that allows merchants to build their own e-commerce website. This will enable them to promote and sell their products and services within minutes without the hassle of building a website from scratch, while saving money and time in the process. The aim is to reduce barriers in the e-commerce industry, and allow everyone to benefit from the platform, as the team behind Shop Builder is convinced that this is where the trend is heading when it comes to mobile & web commerce.


The absence of reliable traffic real-time data for people in Lebanon, among other countries in the region, implies that there’s a problem that needs to be solved. The answer to this problem is a mobile app, called “Tari’ak” (Arabic طريقك), that people use to learn about traffic conditions. The data in the app comes from all its users who are passively contributing traffic data, unlike any known existing solution. For consumers, Tari’ak helps them learn about traffic conditions in real-time in the simplest most reliable way. The goal is to reduce stress and time loss due to traffic congestion and to help people find a better way to reach their destination. For businesses such as media and enterprises, Tari’ak offers unprecedented real-time data no one else has. The crowd-sourced traffic data through the mobile app is pushed to interested organizations for a fee. Tari’ak also aggregates historical traffic data and generate periodic reports for organizations interested in gaining insight on traffic conditions.

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