Bader Members

Bader Board Members


Maroun N. Chammas | Chairman & CEO – Berytech

Maroun N. Chammas is an established entrepreneur. He is Director and Deputy General Manager of the Chammas Group of companies, one of the largest privately owned industrial and service oriented groups in the Near East with interests in downstream petroleum activities and services. More >

He is co-founder and Director of Teleinvest Holdings which has equity interests in several telecom companies of which Inconet-Data Management(IDM), Netlink, Triband and Netcommerce. He is Chairman and CEO of Berytech and Chairman of the Berytech Fund. He is also currently the President of the Association of Petroleum Importing Companies (APIC).

TipsAn accomplished entrepreneur must control his inner, middle and outer spaces by allocating the right amount of resources where necessary. Delegating to the right people, innovating whenever possible, and being humble yet proud are all ingredients for success.


Marwan Kheireddine | General Manager – Al Mawarid Bank

Al-Mawarid Bank was established in 1980 with its first branch on Abdel Aziz Street in Hamra. Today, the bank operates 12 branches throughout Lebanon, strategically covering all the major cities and residential hubs.
TipsInstill a positive culture in your startup, it will help you attract the best minds

Mohamad Choucair |CEO – Patchi

Mohamed Choucair has been elected as the new President of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon. Within a few months after his election, economic and business circles in Lebanon started to see the touches of the new administration. The CCIAMB is a lobbying arm of the business community in Lebanon. So far, several events were conducted and sponsored by the new leadership, among them the “France au Liban” symposium that was according to many industry watchers a huge success. Currently, the chamber is undergoing major restructuring and improvement projects, which according to Mr. Choucair it will start to take place in the upcoming months.
More >

Professional activities – CEO, Patchi Group ( Lebanon, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, UK, France, …..) – Vice President Patchi s.a.l. – Board Member Patchi Industrial – Board Member Al Alamiya for the import of Gift & Chocolate- Egypt – President of Echtab Holding – President of Ekar Estate Capital – Founder & Board Member in Benchmark.

TipsIdeas are everywhere, however, entrepreneurs select the great ones, take action and make them real.


Mounir Husseini | Partner & Member of the Management Executive Committee – The Abraaj Group Dubai

Mounir Husseini joined The Abraaj Group in 2011 as Head of Corporate Business Development. He currently leads the firm’s key client relationships globally, including family investment offices. Mr. Husseini is a member of the Group’s Management Executive Committee.
More >

Prior to joining The Abraaj Group, Mr. Husseini served at Deutsche Bank AG as Managing Director and Chief Country Officer for the UAE and Qatar and Senior Executive Officer, Deutsche Bank AG (DIFC) and General Manager of Deutsche Bank, Qatar Branch. In this role, he led the development and execution of Deutsche Bank’s Sovereign Wealth Funds strategy, resulting in significant debt capital market transactions and landmark equity acquisitions by government controlled entities.
Prior to his role at Deutsche Bank AG, Mr. Husseini held leadership positions at Daimler AG, including as Managing Director of Daimler AG’s Structured Finance arm in Berlin, and served on its Executive Committee. During an eleven year tenure with Daimler AG, Mr. Husseini established regional centers for the Structured Finance division and enabled the firm’s market entry into Russia and the CIS, introducing Islamic structures backed by UAE‐based banks in that region for the first time.
Mr. Husseini is a Founding Member of the Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program, a not‐for‐profit organization aimed at developing high impact entrepreneurs in Beirut, Lebanon.
Mr. Husseini attended the International School of Geneva, holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fairfield University and has completed the Daimler Executive Program at IMD, Switzerland.
Tips Once you succeed, give back to your community. Solidarity helps the entrepreneurial cycle to keep on

Neemat Frem | President & CEO – INDEVCO Group

Neemat Frem is President & CEO of INDEVCO Group, a Lebanese-owned and based manufacturing group employing over 8500 people worldwide. Frem manages over 39 manufacturing plants and 21 commercial companies and sales offices. Located in Egypt, England, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, the manufacturing plants produce plastic, paper, and corrugated packaging, tissue and consumer products, machinery, and alternative energy sources. More >

Frem is President of the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), an independent economic entity which focuses on developing, promoting and nurturing the industry and the industrial companies of Lebanon

TipsThe successful entrepreneur is the one who knows himself and his true capabilities as much as detecting opportunities.


Said Daher | Chief Executive Officer – Azadea Group

Said G. Daher is Chief Executive Officer of the Lebanon-based Azadea Group Holding. Established in 1978, Azadea is now spread over 11 markets and manages more than 35 brands across multiple categories, including clothing, accessories, food, multimedia, home furnishings, and sports goods.
More >

Tips Hard work is the essence of success. Having good mentors to guide you matters a lot, but at the end of the day it’s those who invest the most time into something that become the best at it.


Salah Osseiran | CEO – BPC Holding

Being the head of the Economic and Trade section at the board of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Salah Osseiran is as well the Chairman & Owner of Business Projects Company (BPC), a Lebanese holding Company, established in 1978 and initially managed from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and in 1995 transferred its headquarters to Beirut, Lebanon to develop and hold investments in privately-help companies around the world.More >

BPC is presented in Europe with a European group named Fairford Holdings.

TipsStudy your opportunities well, look at the all the risk involved and the opportunity. Weigh the alternatives. Then take your decision.


Bader Members


Antonio Vincenti | Chairman and CEO

Antonio Vincenti was Vice – President and Board Member of FEPE International (International Federation of Outdoor Advertising) since 2008 . He is the Founder and President elect of SOACL: (Syndicate of Outdoor Advertising Companies of Lebanon), since 2010.
More >

Antonio is a member of OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), IAA (International Advertising Association), and of BADER (Young Entrepreneurs Program).
He is on the “Board of Trustees” of Beirut International Marathon since 2005 as well as a Member of APSAD (Association pour la Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeures au Liban)
Antonio launched the “Citizen Billposter” initiative in 1989 that support NGO’s and NPO’s via weekly free of charge OOH campaigns on Pikasso networks.
TipsThink outside the box, see the issues from a different angle. This is how you may be able to solve problems for your customers. Stay open minded


Azmi Mikati | CEO – M1 Group

Azmi Mikati is Chief Executive Officer of M1 Group, responsible for the global strategy of the company and its implementation. M1 is entity for diverse business ventures and investments worldwide and is engaged More >

in a number of diverse business activities focusing on telecoms, retail, energy and real estate sectors.Prior to this role, which Mikati assumed in 2006, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Investcom, a leading international provider of mobile telecommunications services with operations in 10 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He serves on the Board of MTN, one of the largest emerging market mobile operators. Mikati earned a BSc from Columbia University.

TipsAlways surround yourself with the smartest people you can find. There is a fundamental quality difference between an A team and a B team.


Bernard Tannoury | Chairman and CEO – Benta Trading

Bernard Tannoury started a pharmaceutical company at the age of 21 turning it into one of the biggest suppliers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the health field today. Throughout the years, his work had brought him face to face with less privileged Lebanese citizens struggling to pay for their medicine and, although he did his best to help the less fortunate, there were too many.
More >

His desire to offer patients high quality health care products at affordable cost and his intense belief in the Lebanese industry were the two driving forces which led him to create a state of the art manufacturing facility in Lebanon.
In 2007, Benta Pharma Industries (BPI) specializing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology development was inaugurated. One of BPI’s recent achievements is the manufacturing of the generic antiviral for the H1N1 virus (swine flu). Bernard feels that his challenges have just begun and he knows that the road to success is still long and arduous but he has a lot of faith in his dreams.

TipsThink big: let the whole region or the world be your market. A larger market will enhance your chances of success.


Charles Arbid | Owner – Rectangle Jaune

Founded in 1988, Rectangle Jaune designs and manufactures a whole range of men’s clothing from formal to casual in addition to a wide collection of accessories.
The Rectangle Jaune total look is perfectly adapted to the urban life of today’s modern men: the global generation of young entrepreneurs and

TipsLearn to focus. Being an entrepeneur involves saying “no” more often that saying “yes”. Focus your energies on the things that matter, minimize the rest.


Elie Khoury | CEO MENA – M&C Saatchi

Born in Beirut in 1960, Eli started his professional life there as an editorial cartoonist, before moving to study Communication Arts in Los Angeles in 1980. Ten years on, Eli returned to Beirut and co-founded an ad agency that became a vanguard for the industry in the region and the recipient of one of the largest number of advertising awards.
More >

The agency joined the Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide network in 1992, and was later acquired by the Quantum Group, which he launched, in 2000.

TipsCommunication is key for your success. If people don’t know about you how could they possibly interact and eventually have business with you.


Elie Saab | Chairman- Elie Saab

A brand name synonymous with luxury and modernism. Elie Saab established his first atelier in Lebanon since 1982, marking his first official beginning in the world of Couture.
More >

To date, the company headquarters are located in Beirut in the heart of the Down Town Beirut where are based the Couture production, studio, accounting department, human resources department, communications department, and the boutique, along with two hundred and twenty qualified experienced staff handling the responsibilities of the above mentioned departments. The label ELIE SAAB has developed into three lines: ELIE SAAB Couture, ELIE SAAB Ready to Wear and ELIE SAAB ACCESSORIES.

TipsThere is no secret: relentless and constant involvement in your business will make wonders. Breath, sleep, and dream your project. It will become an integral part of you.


Fouad Es Said | President – Transmed

Transmed was established in Lebanon in 1946 as a private shareholding company. The Company’s business objectives were clearly defined from the very beginning: Transmed was to be an organization fully dedicated to the sales and distribution of high quality fast moving consumer goods. In this respect, the Company would present leading multinationals with product lines and brands that address the needs of local consumers, offering excellent value for money and real consumer satisfaction as well as significant growth potential.Transmed is a leading distribution organization, committed to growth in our present and future markets by supplying quality products and ensuring superior service to our business partners and consumers.
TipsDon’t be afraid to ask around, to be mentored. Entrepreneurs have made your mistakes before, learn from them and gain time.


Hala Fadel | Fund Manager – Comgest

As Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum for the Pan Arab Region (Lebanon), Hala has led the effort to organize the first MIT Arab Business Plan Competition in cooperation with MIT.
More >

Hala is also a Fund Manager at Comgest group which was created in 1986 by Jean François Canton and Wedig von Gaudecker as a portfolio management company and is based in Paris, Hong Kong, and Dublin. The Group has $9.5bn under management, all run for institutions under the form of segregated accounts or public mutual funds. Comgest is characterised by a tried and tested management style, focused exclusively on the investment in a limited number of quality growth companies with the aim of offering our clientele an above-average long-term return with below-average risk. This approach, which is largely Warren Buffet-inspired, has been developed in the late eighties by Comgest and we were the first company to apply it to European, Asian and Emerging markets. Hala has a Bachelor degree from Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) and holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

TipsTest your idea, get customer acceptance, apply to business plan competition, you need to get traction and exposure for your business to grow.


Jean Riachi | Chief Executive Officer and Chairman – FFA Private Banking

Jean Riachi (born in 1963) is the founder and current CEO and Chairman of the Board of FFA Private Bank, Lebanon’s largest investment bank. He founded the company in 1994 as a regulated financial institution.
More >

In 2007, the Company was granted a banking license, Jean Riachi is also the Chairman of FFA Dubai, the first Lebanese Financial Institution to get a license from the DFSA in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Jean is a member of the Committee in charge of drafting the new Lebanese Financial Markets Law Founding member of the Bader NGO Board member of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM Lebanon). President of the Faraya Ski Club. Jean graduated from HEC Paris business school in 1985.


Hisham Itani | CEO- Resource Group Holding

Resource Group Holding (RGH) is a dynamic investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalize on industry synergy to create added value. RGH operates across the sectors of security printing,
More >

smart card technologies, identification solutions, mobile Value Added Solutions (VAS), telecom infrastructure, engineering and managed services, architecture and real estate development, entertainment and others. Its clients include many governments and top tier companies in telecom and banking in over 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and CIS countries.
TipsTechnology is here to stay. Understand it, adapt it to your needs and the ones of your customers.


Jihad Murr | Chairman and CEO – Xtreme Diverse Units (XDU)

TipsTake advantage of networking events, you need to develop your connections as you may exchange ideas or business opportunities.


Khater Abi Habib | Chairman and General Manager – Kafalat

Bio: Kafalat s.a.l. is constituted as a joint stock financial company, subject to the regulatory control of the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Bank Control CommissionThe shareholders are the National Institute for the Guarantee of Deposits (NIGD) as well as 50 of the Banks operating in Lebanon.
More >

It is run by a board of six directors, three from the NIGD and three from the partners\’ banks. The board elects a chairman who is also the general manager. Kafalat is a Lebanese financial company with a public concern that assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to access commercial bank funding. Since the inception of the program, more than 4000 projects have been guaranteed. Kafalat targets SMEs and innovative start-ups firms employing 40 people or fewer that belong to one of the following economic sectors: Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Traditional Crafts, High Technology. Loans guaranteed under Kafalat program benefit from interest rate subsidies, set up to mitigate the crowding out effect of the high interest rates in Lebanon that are induced by public sector borrowing. The interest rate subsidies are financed by the Lebanese treasury and administered by the Central Bank of Lebanon. Kafalat also maintains collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations maintained on a national and international level.

Tips A properly structured executive summary will communicate your ideas in a crisp and bold way.


Marcel Ghanem | Television Presenter – LBC

Marcel Ghanem was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964. He graduated from Lebanese University with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1987. He also studied biology while giving tutoring lessons in the morning. He then practiced as an attorney between 1987 and 1997.
More >

He presented a political talk show on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) and Radio Liban Libre from 1991 to 1993. The program was called Kalam Massoul, co-hosted by journalist May Chidiac. Since 1995 Marcel Ghanem has hosted the talk show Kalam El Nass, also on LBC.

Tips Be bold, don’t be afraid to express your mind.


Nabil Fawaz | General Manager – Fawaz Holding

Business activities go back to the 28th of November 1977 when Socodile Sarl was officially registered in Beirut. An early specialization in beauty, fashion accessories, clothing accessories and writing instruments was developed in mid to high end items.
More >

From the very beginning, a diversification process was put on track respecting however the specialization in mid to high end products. Different legal structures were created in order to focus on specific businesses, “Sonodis Sarl” for new beauty activities, “Nexty” for spirits and home appliances. Besides the distribution activities, a retail business was developed. C&F a retail chain of outlets selling perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products was developed within the framework of “Gestion des Magasins Sarl”. Also, a specialization in comfort shoes and outdoor clothes was undertaken under “Périmètre Sarl”. A duty free outlet specialized in spirits was opened in the port of Beirut under the legal framework of “Delta Duty Free Sarl”. A territorial extension of the business activities is being developed to cover new markets. “Delta Commercial Services Sarl” is now covering Iraq through an office operating in Baghdad and another in Suleimaniyeh in the north. Finally, in order to manage the increasingly complex operations and in order to give an umbrella identity to the different activities “Fawaz Holding Sal” was founded in order to be the holding company of all the other affiliated companies.

Tip: It’s not how much revenue that matters but more how you will attain this revenue. An understanding of your business model will give you more insight on how successful you will be


Nader El Hariri | Managing Director – Omnia Holding

Omnia Holdings is the investment arm for the Hariri Group that specializes in investments related to Telecommunications, Internet and Technology. With a diversified international portfolio Omnia Holdings was able to build a strong presence in its short period of operation.
More >

Today, Omnia Holdings has a number of investments that vary in size. Omnia Holdings has invested in companies at different stages from start-ups to publicly traded ones. Omnia Holdings invests globally and is aggressive in its pursuit to success and globalization of its portfolio and centers of operation.


Ramsay Najjar | Founder and Managing Partner

Ramsay G. Najjar founded S2C in 2002 with a vision of transforming the region’s communication landscape by offering strategic counsel to multinational and regional corporations and public entities, with the objective of strengthening their relationships with their stakeholders,
More >

helping build more viable brands, and immunizing reputations
A veteran of the media and advertising industry in the region with over 20 years of experience in communication, Ramsay has accompanied a wide range of public and private organizations in transforming their communication to fulfill their strategic goals, resulting in numerous success stories that are benchmarked and emulated throughout the region. Today, he continues to shape the regional communication industry and is an authority on communication, as well as a regular speaker at the most prominent communication and business conferences
politics and religion

Tips When starting a business, one might think that what really matters is what you communicate to people. However, if there is ever any discord between what you think and believe and what you communicate to stakeholders, you will end up failing every time.


Patrick Chalhoub | Joint Chief Executive Officer – Chalhoub Group

Patrick began his career in 1979 when he decided to become involved in the
realization of his father’s vision to build a bridge between the East and West and
be the ambassador of luxury lifestyle in the region. Initially concentrating on the
perfume distribution business in Kuwait,
More >

he turned the branch into a commercial
success within 3 years. He then became Managing Director for regional activities,
notably in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain. He
encouraged the creation of regional structures as well as developed a policy of
establishing the group locally in each of the region’s key markets, building
relations with distributors as real partners through local companies.

Tips Stay focused and create value.


Randa Abousleiman Baladi | Managing Partner – Abousleiman & Partners

Randa Abousleiman is the Managing Partner in Abousleiman and Partners. She holds an LL.M. degree in Corporate Law from New York University School of Law, a Masters of International Affairs with a specialization in Finance from Columbia University School of International Affairs, a Maîtrise en Droit from Saint Joseph University- Beirut (Equivalent to a J.D. Degree) and a B.A. in Political Science from the American University of Beirut.
More >

She is a member of the Beirut Bar Association.

TipsHaving the proper legal counsel is essential for the development of your business. Your Lawyer will become an integral part of your team.


Saad Azhari | Chairman and General Manager – Blom Bank

BLOM BANK is the Lebanese Bank with the largest international branch network. In addition to its 47 branches in Lebanon, it has a branch in Limassol, a branch in Damascus Free Zone and three branches in Jordan. BLOM’s subsidiaries in Lebanon are BLOMINVEST BANK (Private and Investment Banking) and BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK ( Islamic Banking).
TipsNever forget business fundamentals such as going for a big market opportunity, hiring the right people, building solid operations and generating healthy cash flow.


Walid Raphael | Deputy General Manager – Banque Libano-Française

Established in Lebanon in 1967, Banque Libano-Française is one of the leading banks in Lebanon with total shareholders’ equity of more than USD 400 million and total assets exceeding USD 5 billion. The Bank has five core businesses: commercial and corporate banking, retail banking, private banking,
More >

investment banking and correspondent banking. The bank manages a network of 32 branches throughout Lebanon and serves over 150,000 customers.

Tips More people will come to you if you are a connector, if they can learn something from you. Nurture your network by giving back to it.


Ziad Younes | Deputy General Manager – Butec

BUTEC is a Lebanese general contracting firm founded in 1966. It has grown steadily and strongly to become a leading construction company in Lebanon.
Its track record of prestigious projects realized over four decades speaks for itself and its reputation is derived from the clients’ satisfaction,
More >

which explains the large number of repeat clients that BUTEC has served over the years.
BUTEC workforce of 2500 employees is led by a core of about 250 highly qualified and specialized engineers and administrators who undergo regular training programs, which reflects BUTEC’s philosophy and commitment to continual improvement.
The reason for the success of BUTEC in realizing turnkey projects is its in-house engineering and design office along with its team of experienced project managers and construction personnel who contribute in the value engineering that we offer to our clients.
Our proven experience and success in realizing turnkey projects has allowed for prestigious leading international companies to join forces with us, which created a synergy that developed our capabilities. BUTEC is actively present in most of the Arab countries covering the region from North Africa to the Mediterranean coast and the Arab Gulf countries as well as France and Germany.
BUTEC is certified ISO 9001:2000 and its management will not hesitate to make available all resources needed to achieve its goal which is the Client Satisfaction.

Tips Education will help you learn a lot of theories, but the entrepreneurial path will teach you deeper lessons. Nothing beats practice



Talal Al Shair | Vice Chairman – Dar Al-Handasah Board of Directors

Dr. Talal Al-Shair, BSc, MBA, PhD serves as President of Shairco Limited. Dr. Al-Shair has been Principal and Chairman of Shairco of Trading Contracting & Industry since 1979 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. Dr. Al-Shair served as the Chairman of Unigold Inc.
More >

until October 2010 and served as its Director since February 1, 2006 until March 12, 2013. Dr. Al-Shair has more than 20 years experience in titanium dioxide. Dr. Al-Shair has been the Chairman of Cristal Mining Australia Limited since February 2010. He serves as a Director of Shairco Ltd. He serves as a Director of TASNEE, National Industrialization Co.; Chairman of the Board of Saudi Union; Former Chairman of Yanbu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (four terms); Board Director of SAFRA; Board Director of DAHAB; Board Director of MIDAD; Member of the SaudiIAmerican Relationship Committee of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce; and Member of the Madinah Region Council. He holds a Ph.D. in International Business Administration in 1987 from Kennedy Western University, and an MBA in 1978 in Marketing and a B.S. in 1977 in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine.

Tips Starting a business will consume your life. So make sure you’re in a market and business that has large potential.


Ramzi El Hafez | Founder & General Manager – InfoPro

Ramzi El Hafez is the founder and general manager of InfoPro, a publishing and business consultancy and research firm. InfoPro is the publisher of Lebanon Opportunities, Bloomberg Businessweek (the Arabic edition), and several other periodicals and business websites. More >

InfoPro conducts business and economic research for international bodies as well as multinational and regional companies. He is the chairman of Al-Majmou3a, one of largest micro-credit organizations in Lebanon and a member of the board of directors of several organizations including the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL), the Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), and the National Council for Tourism of Lebanon, (CNTL). He holds a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

TipsInitiating, developing or seizing a market opportunity creatively and through hard work by overcoming multiple challenges that may include constrained resources and unchartered waters.

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