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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

2013 marks the 8th anniversary of Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program. Since 2005, Bader has grown to include many activities and reach the whole of Lebanon. In a way, it is the reflection of how the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem has developed.

In keeping with its original mission, Bader is promoting entrepreneurship in Lebanon and giving the tools for entrepreneurs to become more successful.

To do so, we are present at all the development stages of the entrepreneur’s lifecycle from idea generation to funding to expansion.
Bader’s mission is a hard one. Despite that we remain determined and positive to find entrepreneurs, nurture them and have those success stories that will inspire others take time.

We take pride in our achievements during an 8 years humble yet impactful journey. Most notable of them:

  • $1.15 M invested in 3 regionally expanding Lebanese Startups
  • $250,000 worth of scholarship awarded to students with entrepreneurial orientations
  • $60,000 of award money to support growth in the creative and gaming industries
  • Hundreds of entrepreneurs benefiting from a distinctive series of entrepreneurship workshops
  • A highly anticipated yearly entrepreneurs gathering, Networking 961 attracting the Lebanese entrepreneurial community
  • Launching of business model competition Bader StartUp Cup offering extensive coaching and training to Lebanese startups
  • Sustainable global partnerships (World Economic Forum, All World Network, IPEMED) that provides entrepreneurs with international and regional exposure.

Our belief in our young talents and the strength of Lebanese entrepreneurs has been reinforced day after day as we see them grow and flourish. In times like these where there is some much uncertainty, our commitment to support the young entrepreneurial generation is stronger than ever.

On behalf of the Bader team, we thank you for your support.

Robert Fadel

The Three Pillars of Bader


Bader’s mission is to provide the necessary tools for the successful launching and development of high impact entrepreneurial projects in Lebanon with the aim to promote national economic development, job creation and a reduction of the brain drain. Bader’s mission will be achieved through 3 main levers: education, finance and networking.


Bader’s vision is to be an agent of positive change by empowering the nation’s youth and providing them with new educational and business opportunities that allow them to fulfill their potential.

EducationDevelop tools for and promote entrepreneurship education to young Lebanese through Bader own initiatives and partnership with educational institution.
FinanceFacilitate the access to capital for startups and SMEs through the development of financing-oriented projects, the referral to partner institutions and Bader own initiatives.
NetworkingDevelop networking opportunities within Lebanon, with the Lebanese Diaspora and international organization to facilitate the development of Lebanese startups and SMEs.

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